About Diamond G.A.N.G. Cartel

First of all before you get shit fucced up G.A.N.G. in our case stands 4 Generation Achieving New Goals & where we come from getting a plug with the CARTEL meant that we were one step closer to leaving lives of poverty and stepping into our wildest dreams where we could make unlimited bread with the best prices and purest products on the street.

In this case when you shop or create custom pieces with Diamond G.A.N.G. Cartel not only do we provide our clients with that CARTEL PLUG on PRICING and PURITY but we also offer THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE and FAST DELIVERY without sacrificing the PERFECTION of your pieces!

How do we insure that you might ask? We have created a partnership with the Angelucci family of Rome (yeah, we told you we fucc with the cartel & the mafia mother fuccer!) a family thats jewelry business goes bacc over 250 years all the way to Italy, but - Omerta!! We wont speak on that much more other than to say with our new connections we have been able to access the best designers, gold, diamonds and more to give you fast, perfect MIND BLOWING custom pieces!